Patient centred care is first and foremost in everything we do.  The following principles underpin our interaction with you, our patients.

Complete care based on a collaborative approach. We strive to:

  • Communicate with you and your referrer in a respectful and informative manner
  • Be accessible accommodating your  needs in a timely and responsive manner
  • Be affordable setting our fee structure to meet the needs of our broad patient profile
  • Maintain our reputation for an affable and  engaging personal style

Patient Confidence and Understanding.  We will take steps to:

  • Ensure an appropriate  assessment and diagnosis
  • Keep you informed, helping you to understand the process and diagnosis
  • Ensure that you are comfortable and confident in the options and explanations presented

Quality Encounter – Patients will feel that:

  • You are listened to
  • Communicated with in plain English
  • Understand the messages and information that you are provided with
  • Feel confident and reassured  in the outcome